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Taiwan Confucian Temple
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The Confucius Ceremony (literally “display-presentation” ceremony in Chinese) was the name given to the ceremony for offering sacrifices to the “Supreme Sage and Teacher,” Confucius. It was an “auspicious” affair, one of the five “Zhou Rites” (which also included ceremonies to appease evil spirits, welcome guests, bolster the military, and offer praise), whose purpose was to initiate contact with the gods.

As different circumstances required different kinds of rituals at varying times, apart from the conducting the Confucius Ceremony quarterly (this later changed to Spring and Autumn), ceremonies commemorating the establishment of schools by emperors or dukes, imperial visits to schools, and the return of emperors from war, were also held. Although forms of address for Confucius changed over time, the Confucius Ceremony itself has remained intact.

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