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Taiwan Confucian Temple
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A/V Record for Ceremonial Rituals At Taipei Confucius Temple|
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A/V Record for Ceremonial Rituals At Taipei Confucius Temple
Illustration of  the Confucius Ceremony After the foundation of the Republic of China, the chaotic times it had been through kept it from having the ceremonial rituals for Confucius institutionalized and the ceremony had been conducted on an irregular basis. In 1968, the Ministry of Education, instructed by late President CHIANG Kaishek, convened the Ministry of the Interior and other related ministries to meet with scholars and experts and set up the Commission for Ceremonial Rituals for Confucius, which was chaired by Mr. CHIANG Fucong. ior for immediate implementation.
Under the commission, there are the Ritual, Costume, Music & Dance and Artifacts sections, duly led by FANG Hao, WANG Yuqing, ZHUANG Benli and KONG Dehcheng, for research and planning tasks. Initially the ceremonial protocol for the Greatest Teacher Confucius was set and a trial was conducted in the Taipei Confucius Temple the same year. After discussions and improvements during a 2-year period, the act was finalized in 1970 and announced by the Ministry of the Inter.
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