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Taiwan Confucian Temple
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A/V Record for Ceremonial Rituals At Taipei Confucius Temple|
Origin of the ceremonial ritual|
Changes to the Confucius Ceremony|
Significance of Space in the Confucius Ceremony|
Spatial configuration, position, and procedure|
A/V Record for Ceremonial Rituals At Taipei Confucius Temple
【 Section 1 Video 】|
1.The Ceremony Begins  2.First Drum Roll  3.Second Drum Roll  4.Third Drum Roll
【 Section 2 Video 】|
5.Ceremonial Attendants Take Their Designated Positions
6.The Ceremonial Supervisor Takes His Designated Position
7.The Assistant Sacrifice Officers Take Their Designated Positions
8.The Collateral Presentation Officers Take Their Designated Positions
9.The Principal Presentation Officer Takes His Designated Position
【 Section 3 Video 】|
10.Opening the Gates  11.Burying the Sacrificial Remnants
12.Welcoming the Spirit  13.First Ceremony of the Three Bows
【 Section 4 Video 】|
14.Presenting the Sacrificial Feast 15.Offering Incense
【 Section 5 Video 】|
16.Initial Principal Presentation  17.Initial Collateral Presentation
18.Chanting the Blessing  19.Second Ceremony of Three Bows
【 Section 6 Video 】|
20.Second Principal Presentation  21.Second Collateral Presentation
【 Section 7 Video 】|
22.Final Principal Presentation  23.Final Collateral Presentation
24.The President offering incense. Reading of the President’s congratulatory message.
25.All bow 3 times  26.Officers offering incense
【 Section 8 Video 】|
27.The Drink of Good Fortune and Receipt of Sacrificial Meat
28.Removal the Remnants of the Sacrificial Feast  29.Escorting the Spirit
30.Final Ceremony of Three Bows
【 Section 9 Video 】|
31.Sending the Silk Spirit-Money and Prayer Inscription
32.Observing the incineration  33.Resuming Positions
【 Section 10 Video 】|
34.Closing the Gates  35.Withdrawing Positions  36.The Ceremony Concludes
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