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Changes to Confucius Ceremony
Illustration of Confucius Ceremony In the Tang Dynasty,it was decreed that the Confucius ceremony would take place in the Spring (February) and Autumn (August) of every year. The Tang Emperor Zhenguan gave Confucius the posthumous title of“ Prince of Culture.”The music used in the Confucius ceremony was replaced by palace music, and dances incorporating six rows of six dancers each were also added to the program. Figurines of Confucius in Confucius Temples were moreover changed from“ positioned in the west, facing east ”(坐西朝東) to the“ imperial system ”of“ positioned in the south, facing north .”(坐北朝南) In 1952, the Taiwan Government announced that the Confucius Ceremony would be held on Confucius'birthday, September 28 by the Western calendar.
Over the ages, some aspects of the Confucius Ceremony practices have remained the same, while others have changed. Of the former group, because the Confucius Ceremony is an“ auspicious ”rite, a symmetrical, hierarchical system pervades, evident in sacrificial space, rituals, objects, and in the space between humans and gods. In addition, rituals progress from the“ shallow ”to the“ deep. ”After the climax is reached, participants gradually disperse, a manifestation of regulation and order.
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