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Taiwan Confucian Temple
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All Students Must Worship the Supreme Teacher
—Ta Cheng Palace
In 1530, during the reign of Jiaqing, Ming Dynasty, Confucius was conferred with the title “Supreme Sage and Teacher.”In the cluster of buildings comprising the Confucius Temple, the most important structure is Ta Cheng Palace. The name“Ta Cheng,” meaning “great achievement,” was conferred by the Song Emperor Weizong. Inspiration came from the line“The collective body of Confucius’ words are a great
achievement,” (“孔子之謂集大成也”) in The Book of Mengzi. This refers to the fact that Confucius compiled knowledge from the Xia to the Zhou Dynasty, made collections of poetry and music, and wrote In Praise of“Yi Ching,” as well as the Spring and Autumn Annals. As Confucius was a scholar of great attainment, the Temple’s main building was thus given the name “Ta Cheng.”

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