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Taiwan Confucian Temple
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Spatial configuration, position, and procedure
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Apart from the system of worship affecting changes in the Confucius Temple space, the Confucius altar, which lay at the core of the worship process, likewise influenced changes in the Confucius Ceremony space. Before the year 739, Confucius altars were all of the“positioned in the west , facing east”type(坐西朝東), afterwards, they were all changed to“positioned in the north, facing south.”(坐北朝南)

The expression “positioned in the west, facing east” refers to the fact that the Confucius altar’s main position was set in the western part of the Temple Hall, facing east. The tablets of deceased scholars and others were then positioned to the northeast of the Supreme Sage, “positioned in the north, facing south.” This was done in order to accommodate the ancient system of“Gods on the right; west is sacred.”(神道尚右,以西為尊)

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