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Taiwan Confucian Temple
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Upon arrival at the Tainan Confucius Temple, the Stone Arch of Higher Learning is the first thing we see. This was the school for feudal princes. As the Confucius Temple was part of the school, the Stone Arch was the entrance to the school. The central beam is gracefully decorated with two dragons and picturesque figurines. Right in the middle of the roof is a gourd with an owl lowering its head on both ends. The eight stone lions stand out as lovely figurines. The street leads us to the East Ta Cheng Arch, which is the entrance to the Tainan Confucius Temple. The wooden tablet reading The First School in Taiwan explains its status. The 「Dismount Tablet」 reads 「All officers and citizens dismount here」. The sign asks all visitors to show their respect. In front of the Confucius Temple courtyard, there is the Pan Pond, a semicircular pool. In the past, all scholars taking examinations had to visit Confucius, pass through the Lingxing Gate, circle the Pond, then pluck a piece of water celery and insert it in their hat.This was called 「touring the Pond.」 The Pond originates from the 「Book of Pond Water」 in the Book of Odes. That is why you see a piece of stone tablet on the wall reading 「Thinking of music by the pond.」 To reach the halls in the Confucius Temple, you must go through the Gate of Rites and the Path of Righteousness, located on the wall between Ta Cheng Gate and Lingxing Gate, which has since been removed. The Gate of Rites faces east, and the Path of Righteousness faces west. This suggests that rituals and justice are the two key elements in the pursuit of Confucianism.
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