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Ta Cheng Palace
Ta Cheng Palace is the tallest of the group of buildings in the middle level and it is named as Ta Cheng on the same ground as that of Ta Cheng Arch and the Ta Cheng Gate. The Tainan Confucius Temple, the first school in Taiwan had Ta Cheng Palace when built, though a simple structure, it underwent repairs ordered by all emperors. Ta Cheng Palace we know today was built in 1977. In terms of layout, Ta Cheng Palace is right in the complex formed by the Ta Cheng Gate, Shrines of Distinguished Official and Respected Village Scholars, Shrine of Fidelity and Piety and Shrine of Bereaved Son, the East Corridor and the Deposit of Ritual Artifacts, the Tsungsheng Shrine, the Yi Cheng School and the Library as a very important building.
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