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Ta Cheng Palace
It is said that the architectural technique is originated from the Netherlands. On top of the mountain there is an icon of a lion head with a piece of stone in the mouth symbolizing fortune. The tablet of Ta Cheng Hall is hung between the eaves.On the inside, the floor is paved with red tiles and the niche for Confucius is right in the middle and on both sides, it’s the niches for the 4 levels of 12 virtuous. The 4 levels are by the niche (Yanze and Zisizi on the east, Zengzi and Mengfucius on the west); the 12 virtuous are by the door (Mingziqian, Ranyon, Duanmusi, Zhongyou, and Pushang, Youruo on the east and Ranboniu, Zaiwo, Ranyou, Yanyan, Zhuansoongshi and JU Xi on the west). Columns divide the Confucius niches in the north side of the open room.
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