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Ta Cheng Palace
The wooden framework of Ta Cheng Palace is visible and tablets granted by the previous emperors are on display, such as Exemplary Teacher by Kangxi, Non-existent in the population by Yongzheng, No. 3 after heaven and earth by Qianlong, The Greatest Sage by Jiaqing, The Greatest of all times by Daoguang, The virtuous of all times by Xianfeng, The greatest dispatched by God by Tongzhi and The polished person by Guangshu, the same are on display in Confucius Temples in China. Other tablets granted after the World War II are Teaching All People by CHIANG Kaishek, The long-lasting doctrine by CHIANG Jingguo, the Greatest Teacher and Sage by YAN Jiakan and The virtuous that matches heaven and earth by LEE Teng-hui and中和位育by CHEN Shuibian, the new President.
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