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Chung Sheng Shrine
As of the layout, the Chung Sheng Shrine is an open 3-locale building without doors or windows. In terms of structure,it is a wooden framework supported by 18 columns with roof. Part of the elements is painted with birds and the mountain-shaped roof bears no ornaments besides the swallowtails. Niches of the 5 generations of Confucius are in the middle of the shrine. In the east are the virtuous (Conmengpi, Yanwuyao, Conli) and the disciples (ZHOU Fucheng, CHENG, CAI Yuanding); in the west there are the niches for the virtuous (ZENG Dian, MENG Ji) and disciples (ZHANG Di and JU Sung). Conmengpi was Confucius’ older brother, Zisi’s father; ZENG Dian was ZEN Zi’ father and MENG ji, Mengfucius’ father.
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