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The east and West Corridor
In the East Corridor of the Tainan Confucius Temple, there are 41 virtuous and 39 Confucians, including virtuous ZHOU Tunyi, CHEN Hao, Confucians DONG Zhongshu, HAN Yu, FANG Zhongyan, WEN Tienxiang and GU Yanweu among others. IN the West Corridor, there are 40 virtuous and 38 Confucians, including virtuous ZHANG Zai, SHAO Yung, Confucians ZHUGE Liang, AUYANG Shiu, SIMA Kwang and HUANG Zhongxi among others. In terms of architecture, the east and West Corridors are 2 identical buildings that come in the form of a strip with a facade of 5 rooms and a porch on the front. On the inside, there is a corridor with a long table that extends along the wall. On the table, there are the tablets in honor of the virtuous and Confucians.
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