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Yi Cheng School and the west Storehouse of Books and Records
What we do have in document is that in the Year 15 of Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty (1835), after LIU Hongxiang, the Taiwan Provincial Commander-in-chief, rebuilt Musical Instrument Storeroom and WU Shangxin and LIU Yishao, the music directors, introduced new musical instruments while hiring musicians from the mainland.In the year 17 of Guangshu of the Qing Dynasty (1891), CHEN Hongzhi, a clerk in the Ministry of Public Works launched the campaign for the establishment of the Yi Cheng School (known to as the Yicheng Society in the days of Japanese occupation) and HSU Nanying was named director and ZHAO Yunshi, the deputy/ The name Yicheng was taken for the sake of musical harmony.
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