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Pavilion for Literature Deity (Wen Chang)
When died, a temple was built to honor him. In the beginning he was worshiped as the god of the thunder, then it turned out to be a local god of Zitung. In the Tang Dynasty, it turned to be a national god for its effort in defending the state and, with the Wen Chang Deity, the 2 became one. Wen Change used to be the Wen Change Star 6 of the 7 Peidou Constellation and Taoism take it as the god for fortune and good position. In the Yuan Dynasty, when Renzong crowned the Zitung Di as the one for civilization and fortune, in brief, Wen Chang Deity, the 2 gods became one. Wen Chang Deity on the second floor of the Confucius Temple sits with an official hat. The left hand holds a piece of jade for the fortune in the niche that resembles a small building; the incense is the original one.
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